Bethel Baptist Church
Sechelt BC Canada
March 28th, 2011
March 28th, 2011


Inspired by other church websites that help visitors and newcomers understand what to expect, we redesigned our church bulletin to include a welcome page that briefly describes what you might expect to encounter during a typical Sunday worship gathering.  Below is an expanded version to help you feel at ease, knowing something about what to expect.


At Bethel, we believe that all people matter to God, and to us.  Today´s service is intended to provide an opportunity to celebrate who God is and to hear the truth of the Bible applied to our everyday lives.  Here are some things you might be wondering about today´s service.

How long will the service last?   The service usually runs from 10:00am to about 11:15am.

What happens during that time?  
Singing. We´ll hear some announcements and sing some songs that express our worship of God.  Feel free to sing along or just listen and our song leader will let us know when to stand or when to sit for the songs.  Of course, if you aren´t able to stand for very long, please feel free to remain seated.

Offering.  After a reading from the Bible and time of prayer, our ushers will collect an offering from the members of Bethel.  It´s our chance to share with the church financially.  If you´re a visitor, don´t feel you have to contribute - we´re just glad you´re here.  After the offering, kids from toddlers up to Grade 12 are dismissed to Sunday school, a chance for them to learn about God and the Bible at an age-appropriate level.  Feel free to escort your kids to find out where their class is and any other information you might need.

Message.  After singing a few more songs, we will hear a message from the Bible, a time of practical teaching to understand what it means and how it applies to our lives.

If I´m a newcomer, will you point me out and embarrass me?  Before and after the service, a lot of friendly people may want to say hello.  But don´t worry: we won´t draw attention to you during the service: we know how it feels.

What happens after the service is over?  We always serve refreshments in the CE Wing (also called the Agape Café) and invite you to stick around and get to know us better.  The Pastor often greets people on their way out of the front doors and would love to simply say hello and welcome.

So whether you´re visiting today or this is your church home, we´re glad you´re here and hope you enjoy your time with us and sense God´s presence.

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